Looking to add an exciting experience to your party or event?

Yo! Crash mobile RAGE ROOM is the place.

Our mobile season runs until mid-November as we serve the Mahoning Valley and surrounding areas.

Welcome to     


The place where it's okay to be ___.

Ohio's only Mobile Rage Room dedicated to purposefully and constructively release aggression in a fun and safe environment. Customers can take their growing frustrations out on everyday devices and breakables by therapeutically destroying the content within a confined space for an allotted time. Yo! Crash offers a safe judgement free space to commit pleasurable havoc.


Simply put; WE BREAK THINGS.


Yo! Crash is not a therapeutic, psychiatric or medical facility. However; we are a welcoming, safe and judgement free space. Our goal is creating A Place Where It's Okay to be.

Great place to relieve some stress!

Lindsey Marie