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Mission Statement:

"The place where it's okay to be ___.  Yo! Crash provides a safe judgement free space for adults to momentarily rid the stresses of life. Cultivating fun and self-awareness in all environments; we find our core value in allowing growing, engaged, and overstretched adults a place to unwind through unconventional activities. Finally; the place where it's okay to be you."

What's the "Yo!" for?


Yo! Crash honors Youngstown, Ohio's past and celebrates Youngstown's future by including local names in our business after history makers in and from Youngstown. 

We are the city of YOU and we strive to include your history in anyway we can.


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Yo! Crash is Youngstown and surrounding areas very own mobile rage room. “The Place where it’s okay to be ___.” Yo! Crash is a new, challenging and unconventional activity that will bring unorthodox fun to the Mahoning Valley. With significant stress and anger growing in the Mahoning valley customers can take their growing frustrations out on everyday devices and breakables by therapeutically destroying the content within a confined space for an allotted time. Yo! Crash is here to combat the narrative of anger, self-hate and depression. The first multi rage room in the valley at its inception (2019) Yo! Crash caters to a wide range of participants and allows patrons an unparalleled way to relieve stress, anger, and ultimately have fun through destruction therapy.  The owner is proud hometown girl of Youngstown, Ohio She says: "I am so honored to bring the valley a constructive release in the form of genuine fun." Growing up in Youngstown you become accustomed to a unique economic perspective. The city is split in half by a community that remembers the booming steel mills and flourishing businesses and a generation that grew through the startling decline. In the recent years Youngstown has grown to be a center for growing businesses, children and home life. Proving that even a city that once had an unemployment rate three times higher than the national average can beat the odds and grow. 


Yo! Crash will show its customers their weaknesses are not what defines them, just like “The City of YOU” you’re defined by your strength. Yo! Crash is not a medical facility and in no way can diagnose or solve any mental or emotional health issues however Yo! Crash is the outlet for energy tied to any emotion. In no way can Yo! Crash take your problems away. Our goal is to rid the feelings attached to the problem, creating a self-aware, involved and refreshed consumer. Finding the joy in yourself and the history of the Mahoning Valley in the place where it’s okay to be you. Yo! Crash is designed to honor the rich history of the city of Youngstown and to provide the residents of Youngstown and surrounding areas with a unique and diverse entertainment experience that is at the heart of it all; fun.

Our company aims to open the door for conversations on mental health and self-awareness in a fun safe environment.  At no time does Yo! Crash condone violence to anyone or their property. Yo! Crash is not a therapeutic, psychiatric or medical facility.

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